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You may be surprised to learn that your La-Z-Boy Recliner’s tension may be adjusted at home.

It’s possible to adjust the tilt back tension of your recliner if you’ve observed that it’s either too difficult or too easy to recline.

You can easily adjust the tension of your La-Z-Boy Recliner in this article and video.

Tools You’ll Need

You may tighten the tension spring wing nuts by hand, but here are some tools that will make the work much easier:

  • Multitool
  • Pliers
  • Flashlight

When your hands get too little to spin the wing nuts, you can use a multitool or pliers to get them to turn.

If you’re in a dimly lit room, the flashlight will assist you see the tension springs. While you’re adjusting the springs, you may want to have someone hold the flashlight for you.

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Flip Your Recliner Over

Roll your La-Z-Boy Recliner over to the legrest after you have your tools. Access to the bottom of the recliner can be gained by doing this.

Underneath your chair, you’ll see two tension springs connected by wing nuts, one on each side.

As soon as you’ve determined where the tension springs are, we’ll begin adjusting them accordingly.

Adjust with Half Turns Only

To tighten the wing nuts, just use a screwdriver.

The tension spring will be tightened and your chair will be more difficult to push back if you turn the wing nut to the right.

This will allow you to recline more easily by turning the wing nut to the left.

Always work in half-turn increments while working with the wing nuts. This will help you maintain a level playing field on both sides.

Test After Each Adjustment

You may test the tension of the chair by flipping it over after each half turn adjustment.

Roll the recliner over and adjust it again if you need another half turn.

Repeat this procedure until you have the tension you desire.

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How to Adjust Tilt Back Springs on Your La-Z-Boy Recliner

Did you know that the back of your La-Z-Boy chair can be adjusted? La-Z-Boy recliners may be tailored to your body’s specific needs by adjusting the tilt back tension springs. Isn’t that what everything comes down to, at the end of the day? Comfort.


The tension springs on your La-Z-Boy recliner can be simply adjusted in this short DIY video.

You can adjust the spring tension on the back of your La-Z-Boy chair to increase the flexibility of your chair.

Adjust the pressure to recline backwards

Because La-Z-Boy chairs move like this, with the leg rest and the back sliding together in one motion, you may modify the amount of pressure required to recline backwards. As a result, you have the option of making it easier or more difficult to recline rearward.

You may not know what this implies, but if you are, here are two of the same recliners, but they are in different colors, but they are made by the same company.

A rocker recliner, the Pinnacle recliner. A tension that is completely released makes it very easy to push back, whereas a tension that is completely tight makes it extremely difficult.

In this movie, you can see how difficult it is to rewind it. This is a good time to look at how we got from where we are now to the difference between a loose and tight tension springs.

Just need some pliers

Here are a few things you’ll need before going any further: a tool. In other cases, a multi-tool may be necessary since the springs are so tight that your hands may not be able to get in there, and as the springs tighten, it becomes more difficult to turn them. The first thing we’d like you to do is get your multi-tool.

Flip the recliner on its side

As a second step, turn the lounger on its side so that we can reach the bottom of the box.

2 springs

As you turn it over, you’ll see that there are two distinct sets of springs on either side. In such case, you’ve got a left and right.

As a result, they must be rotated in unison. Righty tighty and lefty loosey, just like a normal screw.

Half turns at a time

Tension springs should be adjusted in half-turn increments for best results. In this way, you can try out the recliner and see if it’s what you want before investing in it.

Try it out

In the event that it doesn’t work, you flip it over and repeat the process. Until you find the proper amount of tension for your body type, keep trying different things until you find it. That’s all there is to it. All you need to do is follow these instructions. It’s a simple process, but it can make your time in one of our seats even more enjoyable.

Replacement Parts

You won’t need any parts if you’re just making a basic modification. For broken or worn-out recliner springs and other parts, we provide a selection of recliner springs for sale. Prices and shipping to all of Australia are both excellent.

Steps on How to Adjust the Tension of a Lazyboy Recliner

Make sure the chair is erect and on the ground with all four legs. How does it feel to sit down and place your feet flat on the ground? It’s fine if you’re not fully at ease! This next step will assist in alleviating any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Find a lever or knob on the chair that allows you to control how far back you lean in the following step 2. These can be found near the base of the seat or on each side of it.

With your body leaned forward and one hand on each lever/knob, push them in toward one another as far back as you’d like to recline, till it feels right (or lie down).

How far back you push these levers/knobs will influence how much force is required for the chair to recline.

Congratulations! A completely adjustable lazyboy recliner is now at your disposal, making it ideal for any setting or posture.

What is a Lazyboy Recliner Tension?

The seat and back of a Lazyboy recliner can be tightened or loosened using the chair’s tension mechanism. If your lazyboy seems to be enticing you in, it’s time to give it another go! The simplest approach to determine how much pull there will be when you recline is to use one hand on each of the levers/knobs.

Benefits of Adjusting the Tension of a Lazyboy Recliner

Adding comfort to the lazyboy recliner

Making it easier for you to sit back and relax by reducing the amount of effort your muscles have to put in

What Causes Lazyboy Recliners with Too Tight Tensions?

The strain in the chair from a ladyboy that is too tight will make it difficult to recline back. In this case, it’s because of the chair’s tightness and the difficulty you’ll have reclining.

What Causes Lazyboy Recliners with Too Loose Tensions?

Relaxed tension in your lazy boy recliner will result in a lot of “slippage” or movement. This is due to the chair’s looseness and how easy it is for you to recline in it.

What Can You Do if Your Lazyboy Recliner Has Too Tight Tensions?

Loosening the screws and springs on your lazyboy should fix any tension issues. As a result, you’ll be able to recline more comfortably as a result of this procedure.

What Can You Do if Your Lazyboy Recliner Has Too Loose Tensions?

The screws and springs on your lazy boy can be tightened if the tensions are too loose. This will alleviate some of the stress in your chair, making it easier for you to recline.

How to Care for a Recliner Tension

When it comes to how often you should use a product, make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

screws can be tightened and loosened In order to keep the springs clean, it’s also a good idea to give your chair a regular furniture polish, vacuum, or dusting.

Types of Lazyboy Recliners

Lazy boy recliners come in a variety of styles, from the basic to the extravagant.

A recliner can be converted into a power lift chair. The Manual Recliner is the most popular style because it lacks any motorized functions. By adjusting your forward and backward lean, you can alter the height of your back’s arch. In addition to being less expensive, these recliners are also more durable.

A little more pricey, the power lift chair has motorized elements that make it easier on your back to raise or lower the chair’s inclination. Either your feet or the buttons on the armrests can be used to adjust this style of chair. You’ll also be able to recline in a seated position with this chair.

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Lastly, there is the Lift Chair or EZ-LIFT Recliner, the most expensive sort of lazy boy recliner. You can’t adjust the back of this chair by pressing any buttons; instead, you have to move your body to determine how high or low it may go.

How to Deep Clean a Lazy Boy Recliner

One simple step can explain how to clean a lazy boy recliner and keep it clean between deep cleans: routine maintenance.

As soon as you see crumbs or pet hair on your chair, you should clean it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t become an eyesore. This includes cleaning the chair’s upholstery by using a vacuum cleaner, dusting it, and cleaning the rest of the chair.

Remove any cushions from your lazy boy chair before you begin. Vacuum cleaners will be more efficient because they won’t be in the way.

It’s time for some old-fashioned hard work when this phase is accomplished. Before you use a dry cloth or rag to dust your chair, you should completely vacuum both the top and bottom sections.