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The steps for adding terpenes to powdered hemp flowers differ from those for full dried flowers or buds. There’s no need to plan out the steps because the method is basic, with a few small variations based on the terpenes you’d like to infuse. Finding a step-by-step instruction can be difficult in today’s information-overloaded world.

High-quality cannabis harvests can be achieved by growing it in a greenhouse. In certain cases, you’ll end up with hemp blossoms that are bland and taste like hay. In addition, the drying process decreases the aroma and flavor of the flowers, making the resulting product less strong and unsatisfactory.

Infusing your hemp flowers with terpenes is a simple way to bring them back to their original quality. Here are the best ways to incorporate terpenes into your product.

What Are Terpenes?

What we smell in plants is actually made up of terpenes, which are extremely aromatic chemical molecules. When we get a whiff of something like a freshly peeled orange or the pine tree outside our window, we are actually smelling a mixture of terpenes from that particular plant.

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Terpenes, on the other hand, are what we talk about the most when discussing cannabis because of the plant’s large content. Aside from that, technology and study have allowed us to modify the molecules to the point where they may be added to cannabis products to augment or enhance their effects.

Terpenes, which are secreted in the same glands as CBD and THC, are what give each cannabis strain its own particular aroma, and this is crucial to know. Although they are developed to make the plants smell good, their principal function is to deter predators and attract pollinators.

We can identify a few distinct aromas, ranging from calming and soothing to invigorating and stimulating. Environmental elements such as soil type, climate, and weather, as well as the plant’s maturity or age, all have a role in the formation of terpenes in plants.

The Process

There are many people who are astonished to learn that terpenes were first employed in the cosmetics industry because of their medicinal and aromatic properties. The ability of terpenes to enhance the flavor of a base flower strain while also eliciting more pleasant effects has made them popular among cannabis consumers in recent years.

Your smoking experience can be completely transformed by the inclusion of terpenes in your flower. The method is quite straightforward and may be tailored to suit your own preferences and desired effects. Make careful to utilize the dropper that comes with the terpene bottle while learning how to use terpenes with dry flower.

Adding terpenes to your buds may be done in a variety of ways.

  • The bowl of your pipe should be coated with 0.2 millimeters of it. Just load your flower, light it up, and have a good time!
  • You can give your flower much-needed hydration by incorporating terpenes into your blend. In order to revitalize old flowers or improve sticky buds, simply put a drop or two of oil directly to the actual bud itself per gram of flower.

Terpenes can be used in a variety of ways, but the most frequent method is to apply them straight to your favorite flower.

All Good Things in Moderation

Terpenes should be used sparingly in flower preparations. It’s no secret that terpenes are extremely strong compounds. Always use the provided dropper to ensure precise dosing, as previously instructed. Less is definitely more when it comes to this situation! Overdosing on terpenes can wreak havoc on your bud’s flavor and aroma.

Choose Quality

You may discover that not all terpenes are made equal when you first begin to experiment with terpenes. When purchasing terpenes, be cautious and only purchase from reliable companies who manufacture lab-tested terpenes without vitamin E acetate. Having a high-quality experience begins with high-quality items, after all!

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Two Is Better Than One

A wonderful approach to spice up your marijuana experience is to experiment with fresh flavors. When combining terpenes and your favorite flower, you have a plethora of flavor combinations to choose from at Vapeur Terp. Continue reading our blog and perusing our wide variety of strain-specific and pure terpenes for more ideas on how to use terpenes. It’s safe to buy terpenes with confidence from Vapeur Terp because they are made in an FDA-compliant lab that does not use vitamin E acetate, benzoic acid or pesticides.

Complete Guide On How To Add Terpenes To Flower

To begin, you should have a basic understanding of terpenes. Aromatic chemicals that aren’t exclusive to cannabis plants are what we’re talking about. When terpenes are added to flowers, a new high is created, and you can play with with the levels and types of terpenes to find the right one for you.

When cannabis has dried out or has a stale flavor, terpenes can be added to improve the quality of the product. Growers, on the other hand, commonly employ terpenes to enhance the flavor and pleasure of their flowers, as well as for medicinal purposes.

Adding terpenes to ground hemp flowers

Adding terpenes to ground hemp flowers is as simple as putting the terpene isolate in your grinder after packaging it. You can use a drop or two of your selected terpene isolate, or the terpenes from the hemp or cannabis you’re consuming. The flavor of the ground hemp flowers will be enhanced, and you’ll get better results from using them as a result.

Adding to whole dried flowers or buds

It’s straightforward to infuse terpenes into dried whole flowers, but the effects are better when they’re divided into smaller batches and stored in bags. You’ll simply add a few drops of terpenes to each batch, which is quite similar to grinding hemp flowers. Be careful not to overstimulate the flowers as you shake the bag to ensure complete infusion.

Two drops of terpene oil for every one gram of cannabis or 0.2 mm of terpenes in the pipe bowl is a suitable starting point for beginners. Make use of a dropper to avoid overdoing it, and see how you like it. It’s also possible to damage the experience by using too many terpenes.

Because terpenes are so strong when concentrated, it’s best to start with one or two drops at a time. Not only will you only get the terpene’s flavor and smell, but it can also cause headaches if you consume too much of it.

Measurements For Adding Terpenes

Depending on the product, you can keep these recommendations in mind to assist you properly infuse terpenes into it. Concentrates, for example, can be measured as a percentage of the total weight, between 1% and 5%. It is possible to employ terpene isolates to match a strain to a profile, rather than using a concentrate tailored to your individual strain or profile.

Adding terpenes to oils is a matter of personal preference, and it will depend on the desired impact. A ratio of 2:1 CBD is represented by a 2% measurement. THC tincture is great for helping you sleep better, but you don’t have to use it at its full potency right away. Before the shatter dries completely, you can add 0.02 grams of terpenes per gram.

On the other hand, one to two drops per gram of distillate can be used to add terpenes. The terpenes may get boiled if you don’t use a glass jar and seal it overnight. This is a tough operation. It doesn’t matter where you’re adding terpenes, you should always start low and adjust.

Why Add Terpenes To Cannabis Products?

Terpenes, as briefly mentioned before, improve the taste of dried and dull flowers. Using these components, you can develop a product tailored to your preferences, requirements, and emotions. Even terpenes assist your body metabolize and increase the effects of CBD and THC.

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The health benefits of terpenes include cancer prevention, sedation, and anti-inflammatory qualities, to name a few. As long as you measure the terpenes you’ll add, infusing flowers with them is a breeze. Do not overexcite yourself by adding excessive amounts of terpenes that could potentially harm your products. You are the greatest judge of what works and what doesn’t.


It’s possible to improve hay-like blooms and still have a good experience even if you don’t get what you expected. Add terpenes and remember the recommended dosages in order to do so. It’s easy to add terpenes to weed by grinding it up or putting it in a bag of entire plants.

There are numerous ways to enhance your experience with cannabis products by using terpenes. You should start with 2 percent or even one or two drops of terpenes, and then see whether you want to add more.