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Resetting your air conditioner is the quickest and easiest way to correct some of the faults that could be causing it to fail, and that’s exactly what this DIY repair tutorial does for you. Here are a few of the more common issues that resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner can fix before we dive into the procedure…

  • Despite selecting the “cool” setting, the equipment is still not producing cool air.
  • After a blackout, your air conditioner won’t turn on properly.

In addition, restarting the unit can erase software issues that could be causing some Frigidaire air conditioner error codes (on some models), which can then be resolved. If you have a Frigidaire air conditioner and you keep having issues that you can’t figure out, trying a factory reset is a good first step. Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of the process….

Useful Information of frigidaire air conditioner

Why do you have to reset your frigidaire air conditioner?

Now that the breaker has been activated and is blocking the compressor from starting, you will need to reset the frigidaire air conditioner. After that, the circuit breaker will activate in the event of a sudden loss of power or a problem with the power supply. Therefore, this component of the system is essential for all devices and must not be bypassed to have a circuit breaker, as it tends to the air conditioning and defense issues like fires, explosions, etc. If the thermostat displays an error or is not in the “cool” position, you will need to reset the complete air conditioning unit.

When do you have to call a repair service center?

You also notify a professional majoring in repairing the air conditioner if your device’s circuit breaker meets some errors constantly and always slows down the air cooling. This is one of signs of a more than serious issue which should be tackled rapidly. Moreover, you should contact the repair service center just after the breaker panel does not have the device’s protective covering as well as wires as a result of the outdoor compressor device being exposed. As soon as you reset your air conditioner without observation in such conditions, some risk can threaten your safety. You should take a look carefully the exposed wires because it can generate sparks then cause fires. Besides, an exposed wire or loose connection inside the device’s system also causes sore in the power as well as trip the circuit breaker easily. These surges will destroy your air conditioning device forever and coerce you to make a purchase of one AC replacement. Beside that, you can’t reset your air conditioner many times which unavoid causes some issues to your device’s system. Contact a professional to help you take a look at your air conditioner detailedly and keep you informed of the reason why the device has to be reset occasionally. They also inspect the refrigerant degrees, check the compressor as well as tidy up all filters and fans. In this case, the compressor of your device has some problems and you want to replace the better to function you can read this article.

When The Customers Need A New AC?

If the air conditioner’s circuit breaker keeps tripping and causing the cooling process to lag, you should contact an expert in AC repair. This is indicative of a significant problem that needs immediate attention. In addition, you should call the repair service center as soon as the outside compressor device has been left exposed and its breaker panel no longer has its protective covering. In such a setting, you put yourself in jeopardy the moment you turn off the air conditioning and walk away from the room. The sparks from these exposed wires could start a fire, so it’s important to inspect them thoroughly. Additionally, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker might be caused by an exposed wire or a loose connection inside the device’s system. These spikes will permanently damage your air conditioner, forcing you to buy a brand new one. Furthermore, you can only reset your AC so many times before you start having systemic problems. Get in touch with an expert to help you inspect your air conditioner thoroughly and to explain why it needs to be reset periodically. Also included in this service is a check of the compressor, a thorough cleaning of the filters, and the reorganization of the fans. If your device’s compressor is malfunctioning, and you’d like to replace it with a newer, more reliable model, this article can help.


  1. Locate the panel where the circuit breakers are located in your apartment.
  2. To turn off the electricity, please use the “off” switch.
  3. You should wait a few minutes, up to ten, before trying to turn it back on again.
  4. Finally, attempt to restart the air conditioner.

It’s possible that this will “rebuild” the control board, thereby correcting whatever issues have rendered the device inoperable. A quick check if your air conditioner is functioning properly is to set it to the desired temperature and then wait for the room to cool down.

Frigidaire air conditioner filter reset

To continue, sometimes you’ll need to reset the reusable air filter in your Frigidaire air conditioner. When the ‘filter reset light’ turns on, it’s time to do this, as it will reset the filter’s cumulative run time and save you from having to buy a new filter too soon. How, then, do you clear the air filter in a Frigidaire air conditioner? If the light has just come on, follow these simple procedures to clean the filter (the light indicates that the filter is dirty).

Frigidaire air conditioner air filter reset steps

  1. Shut off the air conditioner.
  2. Discover where the filter is stored, and pop up the corresponding compartment.
  3. Simply grab the filter (it has a tab) and pull it out. The majority of the time, there are no clasps securing it, thus it can be pulled out without any effort.

If there is more than one filter (portable devices typically have three), be sure to remove the topmost one first. The next step is to remove the lower intake grille from the device. The filter behind the grille is removed when the side panel filter is taken out.

  1. Use the appropriate upholstery attachment to vacuum the excess dirt from the filter. Take care not to muck up the filter in any way.
  2. Then, use a microfiber cloth or soft sponge dipped in a basin of warm water to wipe the sides down and remove the remaining dust (add a couple of drops of your regular dish-washing detergent). Once you’ve cleaned the filter, you can switch to rinsing the cloth with fresh water (when doing the final touches).
  3. It may take many hours for the filter to dry out entirely.
  4. Put the filter back in.
  5. Pressing the reset filter button for three to five seconds will turn off the light.

A quick note: the reset filter button is typically located on the front panel of air conditioners like the Frigidaire FGRC0844S1. After finishing cleanup, the filter timer must be held down for three seconds. Keep in mind that if your Frigidaire air conditioner is in continual use, is located in a dustier environment, or if you have furry pets in the house, you may need to clean the filter(s) more frequently.

Cautions for use


There are some circumstances that you should not try to fix on your own; instead, you should seek the advice of an expert as soon as possible, since something more serious may be wrong.

Tripping breaker

For instance, your air conditioner continually tripping the breaker for that appliance. Moreover, it can slow the cool down, you should get down to this urgent case immediately because this may lead to a loose connection as well as an exposed wire. If you attempt to reset your frigidaire air conditioner in these emergency situations, in fact you can generate a fire! You also can not try to function the breaker panel if there are some problems like the exposed wires or the missing cover. These can cause the risking electrocution for you, so call the professionals immediately to deal with this one.

Some internal parts have wrong

The breaker that controls your air conditioner keeps tripping, for instance. Furthermore, it can delay the cooling process, therefore you should get down to this urgent matter soon because it could result in a loose connection and an exposed wire if left unattended. In these critical scenarios, attempting to reset your frigidaire air conditioner can really cause an explosion. If there are issues with the breaker panel, such as exposed wires or a missing cover, you must not attempt to use it. Because of the danger of electrocution, you should have a professional take care of these very away.

Power outages

If the power outage is a warning and you are unable to turn your air conditioner back on, please follow these procedures.

  • To turn off your frigidaire air conditioner, go to the thermostat and press the off button.
  • Disconnect the breaker and reconnect it so the AC may turn back on.
  • Wait a half an hour and adjust the thermostat for your air conditioner to return to “cool” but it can be at least 5 degrees cooler compared with the room temperature.

Get in touch with the techs if you find these adjustments to be too challenging, or if you discover you can reverse their effects. It’s possible that there is an electrical issue, which you aren’t comfortable fixing on your own.

Prevent Accident

To fetter the risk of causing fire, injury, or electrical shock to people when using the frigidaire air conditioner, the customers have to obey the basic precautions, comprise the following:

  • Installing a Frigidaire air conditioner requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the manufacturer’s instructions. For future reference when reinstalling or removing this device, you should save this manual and the installation guidance.
  • Cutting the forward and back coils of the frigidaire air conditioner could cause serious injury, so exercise caution when doing any work on the unit.

Periodic Maintenance is Important

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to guarantee they will function properly. Air conditioners that aren’t properly maintained can accelerate the occurrence of certain problems. Some authorities advise having your gadget serviced at least once a year. The technician can easily identify frayed and otherwise damaged cables, allowing for more effective replacement. That can lessen the odds that your air conditioner’s circuit breaker will trip or that it won’t function properly when set to cool. In addition, regular cleaning of the filter and fans can be done by the client with minimal effort in the comfort of their own homes.

Common Frigidaire Air Conditioner Issues

Refrigerant Leaks

If the refrigerant level in your Frigidaire air conditioner is low, your air conditioner may be undercharged or have leaked during installation. In the event of a leak, recommending that clients just add more refrigerant is not an option. The service professional can make the necessary adjustments for the leak, check the work, and then charge the system with the correct amount of refrigerant. Keep in mind that your frigidaire air conditioner will operate at peak efficiency and performance if the refrigerant price exactly meets the specification of the manufacturer and is neither overcharged nor undercharged. Air pollution can also result from a refrigerant leak.

Insufficient Maintenance

If the filters and coils of a customer’s frigidaire air conditioner are dirty, the machine won’t cool the room properly. In addition, problems with the compressor and fans are possible.

Electric Remote Control Broke

The compressor as well as fan controls can be tiring, specially upon the frigidaire air conditioning switches on and off regularly, now that this is prevalent as soon as the system is pretty oversized. Since the corrosion of terminals and wire is one of the issues in the host of systems, the electrical connections as well as contacts have to be inspected within a trained technician service call.

Drainage Problems

Turning on and off the frigidaire air conditioning’s compressor and fan repeatedly might be exhausting, as is the case when the system is significantly bigger. The electrical connections and contacts need to be checked during a service call by a professional technician due to corrosion of terminals and wires being a problem in the host of systems.

Sensor Issues

A thermostat sensor, modelled after the unit’s control panel, monitors the temperature of the air passing over the evaporator coil in your room’s frigidaire air conditioner. Since the sensor is easily dislodged from this location and the frigidaire air conditioner can cycle continually or behave erratically, it is recommended to place the sensor adjacent to the coil. Though you shouldn’t touch it, you can adjust its placement by carefully bending the wire holding it in place.

The Thermostat on the wrong setting

With a smart and programmable thermostat, consumers have greater flexibility in regulating the temperature of their homes, making them cozy when they are there and saving energy when they are away. Keep the thermostat out of direct sunlight while it’s turned off to prevent it from reading an incorrect temperature.

The Vibrating Window AC

The frigidaire air conditioning units make a great deal of noise which consists of the noise of the turning on and of compressor cycling as well as the fan’s whir. These noises are typical in this context. However, if the user feels the vibration in addition to hearing it, it may indicate that the gadget was fitted incorrectly. Remember it is sitting safely in the window as well as read again the installation guideline in the own manual to obey which ensures no steps are missed.

Annual Check up

When you start to feel warmer and more irritated, have a professional who is trained in HVAC (ventilation, heating, and air conditioning) come take a look. A qualified expert can check the device’s components, the refrigerant, and the system’s ability to be recharged whenever they determine it to be essential.

Step By Step Instruction How To Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner With A Reset Button

Way 1: Take a look power supply operating system in your house carefully

Make sure there is a steady power supply in your home and that the current is flowing evenly and freely throughout the house before attempting to reset the air conditioner to prevent any faults. If you experience something like a brown-out light recently, let’s turn on a light to check the brightness and make sure you’re getting the full power.

Way 2: Looking for the reset button to avoid pressing the wrong button

Check for a Reset Button on the Air Conditioner’s Control Panel. Most air conditioners include reset buttons on the equipment itself, but some have them on the remote. Since it is required to be clearly labeled as a reset button, manufacturers have begun making them in a distinctive red and relatively small size. In addition, consumers can refer to the included guidelines for locating the air conditioner’s reset button in a frigidaire.

Way 3: Press the reset button of your air conditioner

The button can be held down for three seconds to reset the device. If it doesn’t work, unplugging your device for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in should do the trick.

Way 4: Press the reset button again

When you’re ready, hit the reset button for a full three seconds. There will be three beeps from the frigidaire air conditioner. The system of the device needs to be activated immediately. The process can be redone if the device still won’t power on.

Way 5: Flip the circuit Breaker Panel if your device can’t kick on

Finding the circuit breaker panel and switching the one associated with the AC unit on and off may help get your frigidaire cooling again. Potentially, your machine has started up now.

How To Reset Frigidaire Air Conditioner With A Shutoff Button

Look for the Shutoff button

The majority of frigidaire air conditioners feature an off switch. A consumer looking to turn off the air conditioner can do so by locating and pressing this button. However, after turning off the frigidaire air conditioner, the thermostat should also be turned off. This is a necessary precaution to make sure they don’t get hurt when they’re working on the AC.

Look for the Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker is one of the crucial elements of the AC system because it can stop the current flowing to the AC device as soon as the power soars which is inevitable. So, the frigidaire air conditioning unit will stop function. Determine the circuit breaker then switch off the breaker circuit which is connected to the AC device. Most of the circuit breakers are able to be looked for in informed spaces, cabinets, or in the basement.

Await for 60 seconds

One of the most important parts of an AC system is the circuit breaker, which cuts electricity to the appliance when power levels rise to dangerous levels. As a result, the refrigerator air conditioner will stop working. Find the circuit breaker and turn off the breaker for the AC appliance. Most circuit breakers can be found in basements, cupboards, or other hidden locations.

Turn on the AC Device

The air conditioner can be automatically reset after one minute. Customers can now turn on the unit’s thermostat and adjust the temperature to their liking. Then, after waiting a few minutes, they can check to see if the AC unit is working properly.

If Your AC Doesn’t Have The Reset Button

Unfortunately, your device does not feature a reset button. Not to fret! It’s at the point where you have to manually reset it. You won’t have to put in a lot of time or effort. Resetting by hand is simple; just follow the instructions below.

Turn off the power supply

The customer should put in an off switch close to their outside compressor unit, allowing them to plug in the AC cord at any time. If you need to continue locating the 240-volt circuit in your office’s main electrical panel, you can turn off the switch. More than that, though, you must disable it. If you did that, the electricity to your Frigidaire air conditioner would go out completely.


It’s a good idea to physically separate the main AC device from the system as well as the power source to be safe.

Await for half of hour

You are only permitted to link the air conditioning uni back to the power source after you have ensured that any remaining charge in the device’s system has dissipated. This does not mean that you need to wait a long time, but it is also not a good idea to reconnect it quickly. Consequently, the endogenous systems can fully rejoin after 30 minutes.

Plug the system in

After waiting half an hour, plug it in. Besides, at this time, you can wait a while before restarting the air conditioner.

Turn on your house’s power supply

When you’ve finished reconnecting the air conditioner, head over to the main 240-volt switchboard and flip the switch. Get to the outlet near the exogenous device as quickly as possible and plug it in. Make that the thermostat can be set to cool once you have turned on the power. In order for your frigidaire air conditioner to function properly, you must follow the instructions we provide. In any case, if the air conditioner still doesn’t switch to cool mode properly after you’ve checked the thermostat and cleaned the filter, call a professional. Stained filters will encumber airflow as well as compromise the effective cooling mode of the device. As soon as the thermostat is setting correctly and the cleaned filter, let’s function the air conditioner again to check whether it can cool efficiently.

How to reset Frigidaire air conditioner – Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do you reset a Frigidaire window air conditioner?

How to reset a Frigidaire window air conditioner? It’s a breeze, in case you were wondering.

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Briefly, you should disconnect it from power and then press and hold the reset button for a few seconds (we recommend 3-5 seconds). If it doesn’t have a more complex issue, it should start up normally now.

Final words

We trust that this data was useful to you. If you’re still nervous about making a mistake, I recommend looking out helpful YouTube lessons. If the preceding steps have not resolved the issue, and you’d like to speak with a Frigidaire technician, you can reach them at 1-800-944-9044. We’ll see you in the future…