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“Where is my air conditioner filter?” you may be wondering. You’ll locate them on the intake side, above or below the unit, behind the air grill, on each grill, or in front of your window and split air conditioner’s front panel. Knowing you, I know you won’t be able to stand the wait much longer. So, without further ado, I’ll let you peruse the rest of the essay without interruption.

Where Is AC Filter?

Make sure you know what kind of AC your home has before deciding what to do about it. Portable, window, split, and central air conditioners are the four most prevalent types.

  • In a portable air conditioner, the filter is normally located in the back of the machine. The filter can be reused once cleaned.
  • In window air conditioners, the filters may also be reused after being cleaned, making them more environmentally friendly. In most cases, it’s in the front of the device.
  • Unlike portable or window units, which are designed to chill a single room, split air conditioners cool an entire house or building. An indoor unit and an outside unit make up a split air conditioner. Side components typically have washable/reusable filters positioned in the front.
  • Your consumption and manufacturer’s recommendations dictate how often you should change your central air conditioner filter. In the basement or utility closet, you’ll find a central air conditioner. The HVAC system’s air filter slot contains filters, however they can also be found in front of the vent.

Once you’ve determined what sort of air conditioner you have, consult your owner’s manual or the information provided below for general guidance on filter maintenance and replacement.

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How Do I Clean A Reusable Filter?

Reusable filters are usually easy to remove and clean. Using a mild soap and warm water, gently clean the filter of any soap or grit. Before reinstalling the filter, make sure it is totally dry.

How Do I Replace A Filter?

It’s easy to swap out an old filter for a new one. To begin, locate your filter and measure its height, breadth, and depth on the side panel. Filters are readily available at your local hardware shop after you have these numbers. To discover the best filter for your requirements, you can select on the basis of preferences, allergies, pets, and so on. When you come home, you just slip the old filter out and put the new one in, pointing in the same direction as the one you removed from the water.

A Clean Filter = Cool Savings and a Cooler Space

Maintaining your air conditioner is the best way to stay cool during summer. You can rely on Solution Based Plumbing, Heating, and A/C to provide informative responses and HVAC and plumbing care when you have queries like “where is AC filter?” or need help changing your filter.

Changing the filters in the HVAC unit

If you have a furnace or air conditioning system air handler, your air filter is likely to be situated right next to this unit. It’s the metal box with the fan and motor inside that’s known as an air handler. As a rule, the unit would be located in a cellar or attic, or even in a closet. Locate the air filter slot once you’ve found it. You’re looking for a hinged or removable cover that’s 1 inch wide. It’s important to fit the slot to the filter’s thickness if it’s more than 4 inches. There should already be a filter in place to validate that you’ve located the correct location! If you have a vertical or horizontal orientation, it’s up to you. The airflow arrow should point toward the unit!

You don’t have to panic if you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t locate a location for a filter! It’s only a matter of using a return vent. Either that, or you’ll have to get a new eye exam.

Changing the air filters in a return vent

Through the return duct system, the air handler receives air from the home, and then blows the air back into the house through the duct system. Typically, the air filter is situated near the air handler’s return duct.

Larger homes are more likely to have multiple HVAC systems. At the very least, each system will have one air filter. Because of this, your home may have air filters installed both at the air handler and in the return ducts. Ensure that all of your air filters have been located by searching in every conceivable area.

In smaller and less convenient places, some residences have return vents equipped with air filters. Most typically, return vents are found in the walls, but they can also be found in the ceiling or the floor. Ideally, the vent will be rectangular or square, and it should be larger than a normal air-duct vent. The shape of the return vent you’re looking for can be gleaned from your knowledge of the size and type of filters your house uses.

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Pulling a tab or unscrewing a bolt will allow you to remove the return vent cover once you’ve located it. To loosen it, you can use a regular penny as a screwdriver, which should work for the latter. Remove the old filter and set the lid aside. You may just replace the old filter with the new one. One side of a pleated filter is made of thin metal wire, while the other side is free of it. To avoid being seen, make sure that the metal side of the return vent is facing away from you when it is fitted in the return vent. In order to maintain the filter’s shape, the wiring is used. Particles are more likely to collide with the fibers’ plain side since the vent is drawing air in. Make sure everything is in order before moving on to finding a new return vent.

The Quest In Hunting The Air Conditioner Filter

“Where can I find my air conditioner filter?” I recently identified their positions, which would greatly aid you in your search. Air filters are a standard feature of any HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

These filters are critical to the long-term health of your cooling equipment. The air filters on some units may not be able to locate certain parts of some units. However, the following are typical areas where air filters can be found:

Location #1. The intake side of your HVAC

There is an air filter on the input side of horizontal heating, ventilation and air conditioning units. If the air handler has a return or intake duct that is fastened on its side, an air filter will be installed there. When searching for these criteria, you might want to be a little more cautious. Consequently, take precautions to keep yourself secure.

Location #2. Above the HVAC unit

The air filter can be found in a slot situated above the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units or HVACs in your home for vertical air handler units. This placement may be ideal for air conditioners with air handlers that have intake ducts that exit from the top of the air handler unit.

Location #3. Below and under your unit

For vertical air handling equipment, this site is also suitable. The HVAC unit’s air filter can be discovered in a small opening on the bottom of the unit. The same holds true for air handlers mounted vertically, with the return air ducts extending below the unit. Find them if you can.

Location #4. Behind the air grills

You can find the air filters on the back of the return air grills of other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning devices. To be more specific, air filters are attached behind wall-mounted models.

Location #5. Each of the air grills

The air filter is behind each air grill in various HVAC systems in your home. Just take caution when you take them out.

Location #6. In front of the air conditioning unit

In other homes, the filter is located in front of the unit, whether it’s a split-type or a window-type installation. It’s possible to remove it and clean it well. In the compartment, you’ll be able to see the filter that’s going to go in there. You need air filters in your air conditioner to keep the air in your room clean.

What Are The Indications That My Air Filter Needs Replacement?

I’m sure you’ve previously located the AC air filter. So, if you need it as a replacement, you should be aware of this. Here are two indications that it’s time to change the filter on your air conditioner.

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Sign #1. The AC is too hot to handle

A new filter may be needed if your air conditioner is starting to warm up more than usual. Examine the back of the air conditioner to see whether it is heating up. If it is, call a professional. It’s possible that a dirty or worn-out air filter is to blame. Without a resolution, the air conditioner may cause more issues than it solves.

In addition, the air conditioner’s output isn’t as frigid as you’d like it to be. As a result, the cold air that is intended for your room cannot enter due of the air filter. If your electric expenses have been rising, you should keep in mind that the air filter could be to cause. You should fix the air conditioner as soon as possible if you find yourself in this situation. Let a professional have a look at it.

Sign #2. Allergies, allergies everywhere

This is a problem with which I am familiar. Allergens in the air should be removed by the air filter. As a result, if your allergies are already bothering you, it’s possible that your air filter isn’t functioning properly. As a result, the filter has already been blocked up with dust and other allergens. Your air conditioner may potentially freeze up as a result of exposure to this allergen. To keep these issues at bay, make sure you clean or replace your air conditioner’s filters on a regular basis.

Case closed

Your filter installation should be a breeze now that you’ve identified every possible location! Local HVAC technicians can readily locate all of the areas that need to be maintained if you are still unsure of what needs to be done.

Keep an eye on your filters and replace them out frequently to ensure that you and your HVAC system are breathing clean air! Subscribing to an air filter subscription service could save you some time as well. Just an idea.


I’m proud of you! The question, “Where is my air conditioner filter?” is one you already know the answer to. I’ve included the most typical spots around your house where you can find the filters. Air filters can be found on the intake side on any of the following options: above or below the unit, behind the air grill, on each grill, or in front of your window and split air conditioners. Visit this page if you’re interested in learning more. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! You are welcome to forward this post to your friends! We’ll see you then!