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Pop-up tents, as the name suggests, are incredibly simple to erect.

As soon as you remove them from their bag, you have a completely functional shelter.

Pop-up tents, on the other hand, are far more difficult to pack away.

A video and step-by-step instructions are provided below to help you learn how to fold a pop-up tent in no time!

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

Whether you’re folding a pop-up beach tent, a play tent, or a camping tent, these fundamental folding guidelines should come in handy.

How to fold a pop up tent step by step guide and video tutorial

Please bear in mind that the following instructions may not be applicable to your tent in the specifics. While most pop-up tents fold in similar ways, you may get a broad concept of how to do it from our instructions even if your tent is different from other conventional tents.

Pre-Folding Tips

  • Clean the tent before storing it. Storing a filthy tent can harm the fabric and attract bugs. As a result, be sure to remove all trash and debris from the area. You can use a damp sponge or moist towel with water and mild soap to completely clean the tent if it has stains or mud splashes. As soon since possible, try to do so before the stains or mud have completely dried, as this will allow you to wash them more easily. If you want to know exactly how to clean a tent, see our how-to tutorial on how to clean a tent.
  • Before putting the tent away, make sure it is completely dry and aired out. Wet tents can be damaged and moldy if they are folded incorrectly. Unless it’s filthy or wet, it should be aired out for at least an hour before being packed up.
  • The tent must be untethered before you can begin folding. Stakes that hold your tent to the ground should be removed before you begin packing. Afterwards, clean and dry the stakes and put them in your tent bag.
  • Remove the tarp: If your tent came with a tarp or secondary covering to shield you from the sun and rain, remove it, fold it, and place it in the bag.

Even if you don’t intend to use your tent for a long period of time, washing and drying it is vital. The tent will likely become moldy if these instructions aren’t followed. Yikes!

You can begin folding the pop-up tent now that you’ve completed all of the pre-folding steps. Let’s take things a step further by watching a quick video on how to dismantle the device and then going through each step.

Folding a Pop Up Tent Video

Pop-up tent assembly is easier for those who learn by watching someone else do it. Using the popular Ayamya Pop-up tent, here’s an example.

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Step-by-step instructions for dismantling a pop-up tent are now available.

Despite the fact that these are basic instructions, most pop-up tent models follow the same or comparable process.

If you’re looking for step-by-step directions specific to your tent, we suggest consulting the manual that came with it. As a general guideline, these instructions should help you get started if you can’t find your owner’s manual!

How to Fold Up a Pop Up Tent - YouTube

Step 1: Grab the two top points of the tent and bring them together.

Make sure you’re positioned perpendicular to the tent door in order to get into the proper position. Then, find the two tall arches that form your tent’s highest point. Make a fist out of one hand and grab the two points.

Step 2: Grab the back end of your tent and fold it to meet the middle.

Grab the smaller arch towards the back of your tent with your free hand, closer to the top. Your other hand should already be holding the two points of the arch. Transfer all three ends into a single hand once they’ve met.

Step 3: Bring the front arch together to meet the other points.

To fold up your tent, you’ll need access to the door so that any trapped air can be released, just like you need the door open to air out your tent. Grab the arch’s top with your free hand, just above the door. When you’ve done that, fold the front of the tent toward the remainder of the structure. At this stage, your tent should resemble a taco.

Step 4: Stand your tent upright and fold it inwards.

Holding onto the tent with one hand, slowly raise it. Push the tent’s highest point down with your free hand next. The tent should begin to enclose itself, while the arches in your other hand remain on the outside of the enclosure.

Step 5: Twist the tent to form two circles, then fold them over each other.

Make an infinite symbol out of the arches created by folding the tent downwards and then twisting it slightly. It’s important to line up the edges of the circles so that you may fold them over one another as neatly as possible.

Step 6: Secure the tent if it has such features.

As long as you have a pop-up tent that has a locking mechanism, you can take advantage of that function today. Even if your tent is equipped with all of these features, it’s best to keep it in place until you need it again.

Step 7: Place the tent back into its bag.

Fold your tent and place it in the bag that comes with it. If it goes into its case with ease, you’ve folded it correctly. Is this the final measure? Seal the bag with a zip, a cinch, or some other method.

Keep in mind that even the greatest pop-up tents are a pain to dismantle. Even while putting your tent away isn’t as simple as setting it up, with a little experience and following recommendations, you’ll be able to do it quickly.

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Folding up a Pop Up Beach Tent – Three Key Shapes to Make

Step one: Oval

Get your hands around either side of the tent’s opening and hold on tight.

To build an oval tent, fold the left side down to the ground, then fold the right side down on top, then hold them together.

Step two: Figure of eight

To construct a figure-eight with the tent, lay it on its side and apply pressure to the center. To keep the tent stable, place your weight in the centre of it.

Step three: Circle

One end of the figure eight can be folded over to form a circle (the poles are highly flexible, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking). Make sure the tent is a complete circle by holding it in place and pulling the elastic band around it (if any poles are sticking out around the edges, simply tuck them in, as this will make it easier to put in the bag).

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent: Best Step-by-Step Guide for 2022

Step four

Zip up the bag, and you’re ready to go to your next location!

Folding Your Pop Up Tent: Step By Step Guide

Since traditional pop-up tents share many design elements with our Malawi tent, we’ve used it as a model for this guide.

Step 1: Unzip the door

The front door of your tent may be unzipped. As a result, the tent may be compressed and folded more easily. Consider wiping down the tent at this point to ensure it’s clean for the next time you use it.

Step 2: Fold from back to front

Start folding upwards from the roof pole by grabbing hold of the center of the rear base pole and working your way up. Grab both of them with one hand and hold on to them. Take hold of the base pole and pull it up so that it joins with the other two poles you’re holding. This puts all three poles in your grasp.

Step 3: Lift the tent and rotate

Using one hand to support the tent, raise it on its side so that it stands vertically.

Step 4: Pull down

Grab the top of the tent with your free hand and lower it toward your feet.

Step 5: Slide rings

You should see two circles of the tent’s frame slightly overlapping now that you’ve folded it towards your feet. Let any remaining air out of the tent by sliding one ring under the other and pressing down on the tent. The tent should now be rolled up into a circular form and stored away.

Step 6: Bag it up

In order to put the tent in its bag, grab any loose elastic straps and draw them across the folded tent.

That’s all there is to it! You should now have your tent folded and ready to depart. Please see the video below for instructions on folding the pop-up tent correctly.